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If you are ready to indulge in the company of one of our cutest blondes on Luxury Sweets, then you will adore getting to know Dolores on your date. 

With a beautifully rounded face, sexy puckered lips and dark smouldering eyes, you won't be able to look away from her for an instant, as she is just too sexy to take your attention away from her. If you think you can resist any of her charms, then you will simply give in when you see the beautiful body that she is hiding under her clothes.

Dolores adores showing off her toned curves by wearing short dresses and lacey lingerie. Her breasts are simply divine to behold. After all, they have been enhanced for both your and her pleasure, so you should take your time when admiring them. From there, you will see her tiny stomach, her beautifully curved thighs and perky butt. She is the perfect woman to cuddle against after a long night out. After all, Dolores has a naturally warm personality and a body to match. So feel free to cuddle up against her and simply get to know her.

You will adore Dolores's wit and exuberant charm, especially if you take her on a dinner date to get to know her. Feel free to talk to her about any sort of topic and she would be happy to join in. Dolores will always be your confidant and will talk to you about anything that is on your mind.

Now that you just can't resist the idea of meeting Dolores for a date in Dubai, then feel free to call Luxury Sweets today in order to make your booking.

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By T
on 1 April 2020

Dolores is amazing great body face tits and ass.. she has it all!!! top class babe

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By Fran├žois
on 1 January 2020

very sexy young lady. Dolores make my evening great every time I see her. very talented and beautiful. cant wait to be with you again ;)