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If you are looking for the perfect girlfriend experience with one of the sexiest models on this planet, then you will simply adore spending time with Monique. Not only does Monique look like a super model with tanned skin, huge boobs, ass and sexy tattoos, but her down to earth personality, not only makes her extremely attractive, but great fun to be around. She truly can be considered one of the best escorts in Dubai.

Monique has a body that will leave you breathless. Not only does she have the perfect hourglass shape, but her curves are soft and supple. They are made from the most perfect of cuddle materials and only serve to enhance her tiny waist and plush ass. Every minute you spend with Julia and her beautiful frame will make you feel ultimate bliss.

Monique will always make you feel good about yourself when you are in her company, as her main aim is to make any client feel extremely confident about themselves. You can share anything that is on your mind with Monique - but I would recommend less talking and more action. She is an extremely open-minded individual and will always do her best to make you feel wanted. Her attention will always be fully focused on you throughout the date. 

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