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Nicolly is one of our most adorable blonde escorts at Luxury Sweets. If you are looking for a beautiful woman who can turn on the charm in an instant, changing her from a sweetheart into a sexy vixen, then you will be completely satisfied if you choose to take her out on a date. She is currently located in Dubai and is keen to meet gentlemen who know how to have a good time.

If you are tempted by her now, just take a look at her profile video and you will be hooked. Nicolly is simply beautiful, with a combination of blonde hair, a cute face and perky lips, you know that you will have to hold yourself back, as they are just so kissable you may find yourself staring at her all night! Not only that but if you are lucky enough to see her out of her beautiful dresses, then you will be stunned at her gorgeous her body truly looks in her lingerie. She adores showing off her assets as much as possible, so be sure to take the time to appreciate her, from her swan-like neck all the way down to her perfect ass. 

Nicolly is a fun spirit and adores being taken out for a hot drink in a quirky cafe or a delicious cocktail in a bar. She would be happy to keep talking for hours but is also a great listener. So feel free to talk to her about anywhere. Nicolly is very warm and welcoming, so would be more than happy to listen to anything that is on your mind. To book this beautiful Dubai escort, call our agency now!

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