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  • 26
  • Female
  • Brazilian
  • Black
  • Black
  • 162 cms
  • 34D
  • 8



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          Sofia is not only the epitome of this beauty, but she has the face of an angel and the gorgeous body of a sexy devil. One look at her face and you will feel yourself go weak at the knees. Sofia has long brunette hair that highlights how delicate and curved her face is. Her skin has a soft glow to it and her big brown eyes are deer-like, with their longing, but lusty, gaze directed straight at you. She has soft lips that she adores colouring in soft tones to highlight her natural beauty. She does not even need a lot of makeup to truly look gorgeous, for Shanon is a true Queen and knows how to utilize the idea of "less" being "more." Sofia's body is simply stunning. Many Marbella escorts can only dream of possessing the figure that Sofia has. After all, she has a tiny waist but huge breasts and a round ass. Her legs look like they can stretch for miles, especially if she decides to wear heels. Overall, her figure is perfect and you will simply adore worshipping every inch of her body. Elegance and sophistication are the traits that make Sofia a truly unique model. She adores being taken out by a gentleman to dine in the classiest of restaurants and bars. Her conversation is always cultured and you will be impressed by her intellectualism and charm, especially as you get to know her. If you really want to impress her, why not take her to see a musical or a comedy show during the night? This will really help you both break the ice before you get a drink together. If you are ready to meet Sofia, feel free to contact Luxury Sweets today in order to arrange your booking. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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