Chiswick Escorts

Welcome to our Chiswick escort gallery, this is where you will find your dream girl out of our wonderful Luxury Sweets companions. Every one of our Chiswick girls goes through a lengthy selection process in order to be able to join our exclusive catalogue.

Upon ringing in you can be sure that someone will be able to speak to you since our reception is open 24/7, this is because a lot of our clients have busy schedules and we need to fit a meeting in. Should you be having an issue selecting one out of all our wonderful Chiswick escorts, then you can use the refine menu on the left-hand side of the page.

Chiswick is one of the most esteemed areas in London and it has a rich history, which is reflected in the buildings and architecture around this incredible town. It contains plenty of exquisite hotels and is a very nice area with a lot of greenery spread about the area, plenty of parks to take walks in before retreating to a 5-star for the night.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Chiswick Escorts

Why pick a Chiswick Escort from Luxury Sweets

Should you be passing through Chiswick or already a resident of the area, there simply aren't many better girls out there than our Luxury Sweethearts. There is a reason this website only contains the finest Chiswick escorts around, and that is because we pick girls who are confident in their videos, have great looks and alluring personalities ready to make any discerning gentleman sweat.

How long will it take for my escort to arrive?

Once you've proceeded with an outcall booking, it will take an hour for your escort to arrive. This is usually the estimate however due to the nature of London being the Capital City of the UK it means that it can delay the transport a touch., normally the estimate is kept however. If you are however booking one of the companions from our other locations this will take longer and possibly require an advance booking.

What do I get for becoming a member?

When you join our special VIP members' lounge, you get access to all of our password protected galleries with all of the hot sizzling content you've come to expect from our Luxury Sweets girls and more. This will give you some visual eye-candy and might make you more confident in your booking.

What is expected of me when making a booking?

There are three simple things we ask from all of our clients. The first is to be hygienic and polite, which is a normal rule that just about anyone should be able to fulfil, our escorts are going to be their best for you so you should reciprocate in kind. The next rule is to simply be punctual, if you don't arrive on time you might miss out on the time of your life. The last is to pay the lady you're seeing within the first five minutes of the booking, before the fun can start.

Are there any possible additional fees I need to know about?

The only additional fees that can be put on top of your booking are only related to travel. Whether you are trying to make a booking with one of our other London escorts or any of our international ladies. For the former you will have to pay for the travel cost and for the latter you will have to pay for the flights.

Can any of your Chiswick escorts travel to meet me abroad?

Each of our girls travels worldwide, we also have escorts in different international locations which you can see on the drop down on the top left. A few examples are: Cannes, Spain, Doha, Abu Dhabi and Monaco. Should you be flying to those areas you can book a companion in one of those or fly out any of our Chiswick escorts.

What details are needed from me?

When deciding to book one of our premier Chiswick escorts there will be some details we will need from you first which are the following:

  • Your hotel room number and the address of the hotel
  • Your contact number
  • The name you gave to the hotel

When you call in to reception make sure to forward them all this information, we will then contact the hotel to confirm your stay. This is all a precaution to making sure that our escorts are safe, so your booking will actually take place, once all this is done you will be able to proceed with your booking.

How can I book a Chiswick escort?

At present we only accept bookings from clients using WhatsApp, our numbers are available from the drop down menu on the left. Each of our staff is taught to give excellent customer service, and will be sure to give you any pointers you could need before commencing your booking process.