Islington Escorts

When it comes to finding the classiest of escorts, Islington is the perfect place to locate them. Take your time when browsing our gallery of Islington escorts as we know that you will find someone that you will simply adore. We know that all of our gentleman callers have very individualised romantic tastes. This is why we try to cater to them as much as we can. If you have a certain erotic fantasy that just needs to be scratched, we have an escort that can satiate that need. Whether you are interested in fiery redheads, curvy queens or exotic beauties, we know that we can provide a new flame that will catch your attention.

Once you have located your dream escort then it is time to contact Luxury Sweets escorts in order to book the date. You can contact us either by a quick phone call, email or through our online booking tab. You will then be met by our friendly reception team who will guide you through the remainder of the process. Our reception team will assist you in organising your date but will maintain your privacy throughout the encounter. That way you can simply relax and enjoy the excitement that will soon follow your erotic Islington adventure.

Where can my Islington escort and I go?

As Islington is located in one of the main central parts of London, you are bound to encounter some cultural treasures, boutiques and fabulous eateries on your date. Here are some suggestions of the places that you can go to:

Theatrical Encounters

If you are looking for a historical venue that can present some fantastic pre-drinks and live show to entertain you and your escort, why not take your Islington escort to see The King's Head Theatre and Pub , one of the oldest theatrical venues in London, to the extent that it has been estimated to have been built in Shakespeares time.

Dazzle your Islington escort with some live music or a show in the theatre before moving on to the pub to indulge in some traditional British grub. It is a fantastic way to enjoy an evening of culture and conversation together. It is the perfect place to get to know each other and indulge in the history of the building.

Keep in mind that as Islington holds three of London's most exciting fringe theatres, including The Almeida, Pleasance Theatre and the world famous Sadler's Theatre. If you take your escort out on multiple dates then these could be the venues to visit!

Shopping Opportunities

For any companion, one of her favourite routines during the day is to go out on a shopping trip. If you want your date to consist of one, then you Islington model would be more than happy to accompany you to either window shop, indulge in a few gifts or just to help you with the bags.

Islington Upper Street is known for its quirky boutiques and designer stores. Indulge in some truly unique gadgets, toys or clothes at these stores or head on down to the Camden Passage, which holds a market that is famous for its vintage and antique markets. It is the place to be if you are looking to surprise your escort with a truly unique gift!

Fine Dining

One of the most classic dating environments is a restaurant. For what can truly beat the feeling of sitting close with your companion in a gorgeous restaurant lit by candlelight and accompanied by soft piano music. If you are looking to impress your date with a fantastic dining location, here are some Islington Restaurants to get you started:

  • For a Cosy Asian Restaurant: Afghan Kitchen Restaurant
  • For some Creative Food Flair and Romantic Atmosphere: Ottolenghi
  • For some Exotic Turkish Cuisine: Gallipoli Cafe & Bistro

I am ready to meet my Islington escort now!

We understand that it can be difficult to maintain an active and healthy romantic life outside of your work-related commitments. This is where our Luxury Sweets escorts can assist you. If you really feeling the pressure and just need a moment to relax, our escorts can take the world off your shoulders. Sit back and enjoy your date, for your Islington escort will certainly not rest until you have a smile on your face

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