Kilburn Escorts

When coming to an area like Kilburn, you will want a girl by your side that will be just as high class as the area. If this is what you desire then you’ve come to the right place as Luxury Sweets is the premier place for Kilburn escorts, and you won’t be able to find wonderful companions like this anywhere else.

We have to make sure that our reception team is prepared to accept calls at all times, as we have a lot of clients who want to book our incredible girls which means that our team has to be available 24/7 to be able to answer all queries and booking requests. If you are having trouble picking a girl from our catalogue you can always use the refine menu on the left-hand side of the page, which will allow you to select your preferences and have your dream girl looking back at you in no time.

When coming to Kilburn you will notice the rich history in the architecture, you can see the ancient Red Lion pub which has stood the test of time for over 500 years. You can see the paving stones which have stood for over a millennium and the various cinemas and theatres which are a joy to visit. If you’re looking for a hotel to retreat with your amazing companion then you’ll be glad to know that due to its proximity to the centre of London you have access to tens of hotels which you can pick from all dependant on your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Kilburn Escorts

Why should you decide to book a Kilburn Escort from Luxury Sweets?

You will have a difficult time trying to find better ladies anywhere else, we have spent a long time working on our recruitment process making sure that each and every girl you will see on any of our catalogues is stunning as well as charming able to shock you with their incredible looks, and then taking you away to another plane of existence with their ability to take care of discerning gentlemen.

How long will I have to wait for my Kilburn Escort to arrive?

If you are making an outcall booking, it will usually take around an hour for your escort to arrive. Although this estimate is kept most of the time, this can be interrupted by the amount of traffic London sees on the more busy days however our reception team will let you know if this could be the case before your booking commences. If you are hoping to book any of the escorts from our international locations this will naturally take an advance booking.

What do I need to do to get ready for my booking?

You will be expected to fulfil some simple requirements before you can move on with your booking, the first of which is to be hygienic as the escort you have chosen will be her best for you so you should be clean as she arrives. Afterwards be polite to her as she is there to make you feel incredible, so you should at least be kind to her. The next is to be punctual, as you don’t want the time of your life to pass you by. The final requirement will be to pay your companion within the first five minutes of meeting her.

Are there any additional fees I should know about?

Normally the only possible additional charges that can be added to your booking will be related to travel, whether this is a surcharge on the taxi to get your escort out to you or if you’re hoping to book a companion from one of our international locations as you will be expected to pay for both your and your escort’s flights there and back.

Can your Kilburn Escorts travel to meet me abroad?

Yes every girl you see on our gallery is available for travel internationally, within limits of course which you can discuss with our reception team when you call in though you will have to pay for all the flights. Here at Luxury Sweets we cover plenty of locations all over the world already some of them are: Spain, Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, Monte Carlo and Cannes. Should you be travelling to any of those areas we would recommend you look there first.

What details will I need to provide you with?

There’s only a few things we will need from you when you call in and we recommend you have these on hand to make your booking call go by quicker, and those are:

  • Your hotel room number and the address of the hotel
  • Your contact number
  • The name you used to book your room

You will be asked for this when you phone in, and if it’s not given your outcall booking won’t be able to proceed as we value the safety of our escorts as a primary concern. Upon getting the information from you we will then touch base with the hotel and once your stay has been confirmed we will then call you once again to confirm your booking.

How can I book an escort from Luxury Sweets?

At the present time we only accept bookings via WhatsApp, which allows you to make a really quick call with our reception team and you can have all your queries answered and have pointers given to your Kilburn escort booking. If you require any extra advice then please don’t hesitate to ask.