Lewisham Escorts

Lewisham is a hidden gem within London, set with the quirkiest of boutiques, independent cinemas and live drawing sessions, the Lewisham escorts on our gallery are some of the most unique girls out on the market. A Luxury Sweets Escort is made of only the finest calibre, with charming characters, a witty sense of humour and only the most perfect of physiques. One meeting with them just isn't enough! Soon you will find yourself dying to see them as much as possible.

As we know that our clients are diverse in their tastes, all Luxury Sweets Escorts aim to be unique and to appeal to even the more pickiest of clients. Whether you fancy a night on the with a red bobbed beauty, a plump and curvaceous brunette or just a good old bubbly blonde, we have someone here for everyone and are ready to cater to any desire that you may have in mind.

Once you have found the perfect girl for your date, then be sure to check out their profiles to make sure you will have things to talk about. Each girl has generously listed their physical attributes, interests and tastes in regards to their favourite dates. This should give you enough information to make a suitable choice for your date

Feel free to book one of our Lewisham escorts today either by calling Luxury Sweets Agency by phone, where you will be met with our friendly reception team ready to make your meeting a reality, or by using our website's booking system or email.

But what can my beautiful Lewisham escort and I do?

Lewisham is a gem in the heart of metropolitan London. You will not find a more unique venue to take out your gorgeous escort. Here are some suggestions of things you can do on your date.

Hungry Hearts

Perhaps you have been to the extravagant street party of the London Street Feast, where the best of chefs come together within the London streets to bring the public only the most exotic foods during the night.

Whilst this is only an annual event for a short time, Lewisham holds a market that available throughout both Spring and Summer and is the perfect place to try some fantastic food with your Lewisham escort. Lewisham's Model Market holds a menagerie of informal street food, music and comfy wooden seating to give you the essence of a mega blow out barbeque.

You and date can go for some greasy burgers, Taiwanese cooking, kebabs or even just for a unique cocktail or two from the "mega robot cocktail menu." You and your date are sure to be there for hours and the party environment and casual atmosphere will really help you both bond.

A Quirky Visit of the Literary and Artsy Variety

If you and your date are in the process of scoping out the city, be sure to go out to visit some of the more cultured landmarks. Explore the Lewisham's Art House, which used to be quite the blowout venue with illegal raves, but now houses an experimental hub of art and designer crafts. The artistic masters of design come weekly to this venue to provide master classes, so feel free to see if you can catch one of them. Bonding over some artistic adventures with your Lewisham escort is a fantastic way to spend your day

However, if you prefer fun and quirky landmarks, why not bring your companion to a more amusing culture hot-spot. The Lewisham's Micro Library is literally a library that has been stuffed into a red phone booth. This phone booth shelves hundreds of classics and can provide perfect reading material if you and your date want to undertake a picnic or relax within Lewisham Park. Don't forget to bring some wine with you if you intend to have a picnic with your books!

A Classic Restaurant Trip

When taking out your dream Lewisham escort, you should not underestimate the power of a simple restaurant with your dinner by candlelight and a soft, romantic atmosphere. Whether you want to achieve this sort of atmosphere or want to relax with your gorgeous babe in a more relaxed area, here of some ideas in regards to where you can go:

  • For some Relaxed Irish Cooking: Maggie's Cafe and Restaurant
  • For a Romantic Steak Dinner: Sim's Steakhouse
  • For some Exotic Turkish Cuisine: Levante Lewisham or Meze Mangal
  • For a Classic Italian Meal: Ristorante Carola

Are you ready to experience a date to remember with one of the hottest escorts Lewisham has to offer?

It can be stressful being able to balance your working day alongside a successful romantic and social life. Our Luxury Sweets Escorts completely understand this and aim to have you as relaxed as possible by the end of the date. They are willing to pull out all the stops if it will put a smile on your face.

If you are ready to meet one of our gorgeous girls today, feel free to give the Luxury Sweets Escorts agency a call or to book via our website or emailing service. We are happy to arrange your meeting as quickly (and discretely) as possible and look forward to hearing from you soon. We also have a wide range of models available throughout the rest of London here!