Surbiton Escorts

Welcome to our Surbiton escort gallery at Luxury Sweets, here you will find some of the most incredible babes available in London. There aren’t many things better than a companion from Luxury Sweets which you will find out should you book any of them. They have all been chosen to utter perfection by our staff, this is all done so our clients can be sure that they are getting the best of the best when it comes to escort experiences.

Our reception staff keep their lines open 24/7 so that our clients are confident in getting a booking that will fully suit them, you can pick any time and place within the area and you will more than likely have your request fulfilled you. You can use the refine menu available at the top of the page on mobile or on the left-hand side on desktop, you can choose a blonde bombshell or stunning brunette based on your preferences by using this tool.

Surbiton is a nice area within London with a more suburban feel than the rest due to its distance from the center. It is in the Kingston Upon Thames borough and it's one of the larger towns there, it has a few landmarks and a nice high street which you can utilise to do your shopping. There are also a few nice hotels within the area which you can choose to visit with your Surbiton escort should you choose to. Ask our reception team for advice should you be new to the area.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Surbiton Escorts

Why should you pick a Surbiton Escort from Luxury Sweets?

We value our client’s happiness and therefore we have to make sure that all of our Surbiton escorts are not only the best in every aspect but that they will give you the time you desire. Every single companion added to our catalogue we have to check that they suit our Luxury Sweets standards, we consider both their appearances which are absolutely stunning but also make sure that they have a fiery personality to match, ladies who have a true passion for giving discerning gentlemen experiences that they will never forget.

How long will I have to wait for my chosen escort to arrive?

When you are making an outcall booking within Surbiton you can expect your chosen escort to arrive within an hour, which is the regular estimate we give to all of our clients this is normally upheld every time as an hour allows light congestion to settle and for your companion to arrive. Please be aware that on busier days this can be interrupted by heavier congestion which will naturally make the taxi take longer to arrive. We will keep you in the loop but you can also check Google Traffic to track the congestion.

What will be expected of me before my booking?

There are only a few things that you will have to be aware of before your booking, the first of which is to be hygienic when your chosen Surbiton escort comes out to see you. She will look her best for you so we expect you to reciprocate by being clean. The second is to be kind and polite when dealing with your chosen companion, as they are there to make you feel amazing so please be courteous in return. We also would like you to be punctual if you are going to an incall booking as you don’t want to keep a lady waiting. The final expectation we have is that you will pay your chosen girl within the first five minutes of your booking, this has to happen before anything else can occur.

Can I expect any additional fees to be added to my booking?

The only additional fees that you can expect to be added onto your fee will only be related to travel, this is true whether you are hoping for an outcall booking in Surbiton or you are flying out one of our international escorts to meet you in London. If you are booking one of them then you will have to pay for both of her flights to come see you.

Can any of your Surbiton Escorts meet me abroad?

All of our Surbiton escorts are available for international travel, there are a few select locations which we cover already which you can see in the drop down. A few examples of these are: Cannes, Marbella, Doha and Abu Dhabi. If you are going to any of those then it might be easier for you to book one of our sizzling hot companions from there instead, but if you took a particular fancy to one of our Surbiton girls then you can also have her fly out.

What details will I need to provide?

When making the decision to book one of our incredible Surbiton escorts we will need some information from you before your booking can happen, these are as below:

  • Your hotel room number and the address of the hotel
  • Your contact number
  • The name you gave to the hotel

These are all required before your booking when you are hoping for an outcall meeting with one of our amazing babes, our reception will contact your hotel to confirm all the details and to make sure you are staying there. We do this to make sure that all of our companions are safe, and once this has been completed we can then proceed with your booking.

How can I book a Surbiton Escort from Luxury Sweets?

At the present moment we only accept bookings made via WhatsApp accessible on our London number, this is why we have to keep our lines open 24/7 to make sure that no possible booking request gets missed. We want every booking to go perfectly and that is exactly why our staff is ready to listen to you and answer your questions as well as providing you with advice.