Why VPNs are Essential

Why VPNs are Essential

January 11, 2022 by webadmin

What is a VPN?

A VPN refers to a Virtual Private Network, this is used to give people privacy and provide anonymity in connection to public networks by emulating it into a private network. They work by shielding your IP address making it relatively impossible to track your activity. They are used to produce secure connections with a lot of encryption to allow for the greatest possible level of privacy. They are often used in order to mask connections in countries where your IP is tracked for whatever reason.

Why is it necessary to use one in some countries?

Some countries have bans on content across the internet which makes it either a crime or a breach of copyright to view, this is why it is necessary to use a VPN. Have you come across a video you tried to view that said “We apologise but this video is not available in your country.”, if you have come across such a message you might find it necessary to get a VPN to get yourself able to view the video or any other content such as American newspapers being banned in other countries. When it comes to Luxury Sweets specifically we recognise that some countries do not allow adult content to be viewed on the internet provided by their internet providers. This can make it highly difficult for you to be able to book the date of your dreams with us and you will need to bypass it by using a VPN. The countries affected by this will be outlined below, this will mainly be to do with being able to access WhatsApp as VoIP programs are often banned in certain countries and a VPN will be the only way to access them. You can read about this below. As far as any other reasons go you can consider the fact that you can be made into a criminal or suspicion of criminal activity put upon you by the government of a certain country that tracks internet activity. This can obviously be very threatening and can result in a conviction and therefore you will want to avoid it as much as possible, this is why we recommend VPNs as your go-to source for avoiding such problems.

Which countries prevent the use of VPNs?

Currently, there are certain countries in which it is illegal to use a VPN due to the government’s restriction on internet usage and will more than likely remain illegal in those countries. If you are able to view our site please be careful about using a VPN to call us using a VoIP service as this may be considered illegal in a few countries and the following countries have banned the use of VPNs altogether: China, Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Belarus, North Korea, and Turkmenistan. Be extra careful when trying to access a VPN in any of these as they have been outright banned and it is a criminal offense to use it there. There are three others on our list which you need to be aware of, however, these countries haven’t exactly banned VPNs outright but only allow for certain ones to be used or just don’t allow them for personal use and only allow them to be used for commercial or professional. The first and most important of these is the United Arab Emirates, in which the use of VPNs is blocked unless they are on the approved list, and Iran is the same. The ones which are “approved” are in the recommended section below.

Adult Censorship in Certain Countries

United Arab Emirates - the UAE has extensive surveillance in the country, this means that the government has access to your logs should they require it. This can be problematic as they also censor anything related to pornography, alcohol, gambling, material that is offensive to religions and mainly Islam as well as anything that could possibly claim to be criticising the UAE government, ruling families or the country in general. For our purpose, the main thing to look out for is the rules relating to pornography. A lot of the content on our side could be considered as such, especially on our girl profiles and therefore you need to be extra careful when viewing the site. Qatar - compared to the UAE, the Qatari government censors a lot more of the internet. Not only do they censor pornographic content similar to the UAE, but they also ban gay and lesbian content which we provide on our site as well as dating and escort services which is specifically what we offer to our clients. This also includes any sexual health resources, so finding out how to practice intercourse and other stuff is simply unavailable. They haven't officially banned VPNs but their rules seem to imply that privacy and circumvention tools of the observation are banned, so when it comes to dealing with Luxury Sweets Escorts in Qatar you have to be extra careful and we would heavily recommend using a VPN should you be located here.

Who does censorship affect?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a powerful figure or just an ordinary citizen no matter who you are or what you do you can be indicted for the crime should it come to it. Censorship affects any interaction you make with adult content in those countries and therefore your internet activity can be used as proof of the crime. You need to be extra careful when accessing sites such as this one, and therefore we recommend VPNs as a good way to do it because they will mask your activity. You need to always be cautious when accessing adult sites in the countries we talked about above, if you think that you are likely to be affected by it please be aware that you can always book with us when you are on holiday instead of doing it from home where you are likely to be persecuted.

How does it impact VoIP services and how can I get around it?

In Qatar and the UAE, all VoIP services are banned and therefore will need a VPN to be used, this is extremely important for us here at Luxury Sweets as we only accept bookings via WhatsApp which is considered one of these VoIP services. You will need to be careful as being seen with any of our escorts is also a crime. Be extra careful when making a WhatsApp call to us, please use a VPN as otherwise you could be persecuted.

How does a VPN help you deal with censorship?

By protecting your activity online it will allow you to access sites that are censored and let you basically be free on the internet within the country, allowing you to access whatever you want which means that you can choose where you want to go instead of it being dictated to you. However oftentimes this will have negative or criminal connotations which are particularly bad and we would like to avoid this, everything we provide is completely legal and VPNs are ways to simply access this side of it.

Which VPNs are recommended?

We recommend that you use any of the following paid options, they seem to work the best as they are the most commonly used in the countries affected.


ExpressVPN is probably one of the most popular VPNs used today, it has a mobile app which means you can cover your desktop and mobile usage as well as having a fast uptick which allows you to basically use the internet as normal. It leaves you traceless and provides no logs to any internet provider or government which means it’s entirely safe. It has hundreds of server locations available which means you can pick any country which will be able to access any site. If you have it on one device with Wi-Fi all the other devices in your home will be able to access the program across them. It also has a 30-days guarantee meaning if you are dissatisfied with it then you can get a full refund.


We recommend NordVPN because of it’s tunnel encryption system, which means that it generates public and private keys to authenticate the connection, the keys will then exchange between the recipient server and the person connecting to it creating an encrypted connection that blocks the traffic from being seen as well as obviously not letting your internet provider see it. When you have a subscription to NordVPN you are allowed to have multiple devices so if you would like to switch between your computer, mobile, or tablet you will be able to do them all via Nord. You also have 30 days to ask for a refund should you find the service not ideal for you.


Unlike the two options above if you are hoping to find a VPN that doesn’t limit your bandwidth then you’ve come to the right place. Surfshark allows you to use as much of the bandwidth as possible to watch whatever you may want to, you can access whatever you like as much as you want which is a great bonus over the others. It has no logs similar to Express, SurfShark also has servers in over 50 countries which you can choose to access from Qatar, UAE, or Brazil, and is a good choice. There is no limit on the number of devices you can connect to the VPN.

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