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For Clients

Who are We?

Luxury Sweets is a High-Class Escorting Agency that is located in London. We aim to provide our paying clients the chance to meet a Beautiful Escort that can accompany them on a romantic date during the daytime or the evening. All of our Companions would be happy to provide any social or amorous entertainment in order to please their clients on the date. In addition to this, all of our companions have extremely uniquely beautiful appearances, meaning that we are ready to satisfy every different type of romantic interests that our clients may come to us with.

So get ready for a truly passionate rendezvous to remember. You will not be disappointed.

Is your Agency Legal

It is entirely legal to be an Escort within the UK. Thus, you can rest assured that our company is completely legal. We do not undertake any malpractices.

Tell me about your Companions?

Here at Luxury Sweets, we only hire the most beautiful of companions to meet with our clients. After all, you deserve only the best and we want to ensure that you feel like you are getting a beautiful London Model that is worth your money and your time.

All of our Lovely Escorts are extremely unique in their beauty and personalities. Each is different and are ready to meet a special man that will take a liking to them, so much so that they would be happy to go out on a date. We know that each of our clients has romantic passions that are as individual as a thumbprint. This is why we can boast that each of our escorts is not only unique but flexible in their appearances and services. They know that they must be able to satiate every desire they are comfortable with in order to bring their clients to the highest point of ecstasy.

If you are feeling curious about what sort of models we actually have, whether it is an exotic beauty, a curvy goddess or a mature queen, we are confident you will find a charming match within our Gallery. Take as much time as you need to look at their videos and to read their biographies. You will surely find someone that will just instantly charm you.

Which Escort is right for me?

This will depend entirely on what you find attractive about a woman. Have a think about:

  • What Physically attracts you?
  • What Emotionally attracts you?
  • What Sexually attracts you?

Once you have considered these options, then you can finally pinpoint who in our Gallery would be best suited to be taken out on a date. In order to assist you with this, Luxury Sweets also has a Category tab, in order for you to locate escorts who fall under a certain physical or sexual attribute, as well as a Location tab, where you can use an escort's location in London to determine where you will go and who you will pick.

How should I treat my Escort?

You should treat your escort the same way that you treat any woman that you take on a date. Treat her with respect and not just like she is an accessory. Your Escort is a professional and has worked hard to perfect her trade. So appreciate her skill and do not try to intimidate her or make her feel uncomfortable. Should you escort start feeling threatened, uncomfortable or scared, then they will terminate the date. They will then let our agency know as soon as possible about why the date was terminated.

Are your Models Genuine?

Luxury Sweets can confirm that all of our Escorts are checked before they are placed on our Website. We make sure that their photographs are real and check all documents to ensure that there are no future problems between our clients and our escorts.

Are your companions over 18?

We can confirm that all of our models are over 18. It is illegal to hire anyone that is younger and we will not allow this happen in our agency. All of our companions are double checked to ensure that they are 18 or older.

When are your Escorts Available?

Both our Agency and Escorts are available 7 days a week between 11am-2am.

Where are your Escorts Located?

All of our Escorts are located in different areas of London. These include:

Acton, Aldgate, Barnet, Bayswater, Brixton, Bromley, Camberwell, Camden, Canary-Wharf, Chelsea, Chingford, Chiswick, Clapham, Colindale, Dagenham, DOHA, Ealing,  Eastham, Edgware, Feltham, Finchley, Fulham, Greenwich, Holborn, Hornchurch, Hackney, Hammersmith, Hayes, Islington, Kensington, Kilburn, Kings Cross, Knightsbridge, Lewisham, Leyton, Marylebone, Mayfair, Orpington, Paddington, Parklane, Richmond, Ruislip, Shoreditch, Soho, Surbiton, Twickenham, Walthamstow, Wembley, Wimbledon, Woolwich.

What are the best dating locations?

This depends on what sort of theme you intend for the date. If you have looked out Luxury Sweet's Locations page, then you will see that each have a number of options for each area of London. A favourite idea for a date is to take our escorts out for drinks and dinner before returning to your hotel room. But do not be scared to go out of the box. If you want to take our escorts out to visit a historical home, a park or even go to a local market, then this can be arranged. But be sure to talk it over with our escorts and reception team before you make any full decisions.

Do your companions provide Special Services?

Our Escorts do provide special services, depending on what sexually and romantically interests you. They can provide the following:

  • Duo
  • WS
  • OWO
  • GFE
  • BDSM/Domination
  • Party
  • Outfits
  • Roleplay
  • A-Level
  • Couples
  • Dinner Dates
  • Overnight Stays

What if my Companion does not have the service I want?

As our escorts are completely unique in their sexual habits, there is a limit in regards to what service that they would be willing to provide on a date. If you find an escort you like but does not do the service, please do not pressure her into performing the act. As this can lead to a termination of the date. Instead, why not take another peek in our Gallery and see if there is another girl who would please you? After all, we do have a varied selection of Companions, and where one will not perform, another will always be happy to take her place.

What do these Categories mean?

If you are new to the escorting industry, or just do not have a lot of experience speaking with our escorts, it can get a little confusing if you do not know what the different acts mean. Here is a list that can assist you with this:

  • Duo: Duo Date (Two of our Escorts instead of One)
  • WS: Water Sports
  • OWO: Oral WithOut (Protection)
  • GFE: Girlfriend Experience
  • BDSM/Domination: Bondage and Discipline, Sadism and Masochism
  • Party: Take your Escort out to a Party
  • Outfit: If you want your escort in a certain outfit/lingerie, be sure to let her know!
  • Role Play: If there is a sexual fantasy you have always wanted to try, this is roleplay
  • A-Level: Anal Play
  • Couples: An Escort Pleases a Couple instead of a single person
  • Dinner Date: Taking an Escort out to a restaurant for Dinner
  • Overnight: Your Escort stays overnight either at your house, their house or at a hotel

How Expensive are your Escorts?

The price of our escorts is truly defined by the companion themselves. All of our girls have different prices for different acts, as well as set rates for hourly incalls and hourly outcalls. These call fall between £150-£600, however, please be aware that any "additional services" may have an extra price tag attached to them, with some of them being around £100 or more. If you need assistance tallying the full price of your date, you can either speak to your chosen escort or our reception team to assist you.

How to pay for my Luxury Sweets Companion?

We always advise our clients to know the exact amount of money it will cost to receive our companions' services. That way you can physically have the amount of money with you when you arrive on your date. Giving your payment to your escort will make sure that you can remain anonymous when seeing her and will ensure that she is fully paid for her time. If you do not arrive with the promised payment, or try to ask to pay later, the date will be terminated.

We want our escorts to feel as safe as our clients when meeting up, so please do not try to waste our escorts time by not having the full payment ready. This can seriously spoil the atmosphere of your date and also may lead to you being "blacklisted" by the companions themselves.

Define an Incall and Outcall


An Incall is where you will travel to visit your escort either at her house, in her local London area or in a nearby hotel. These tend to be the prefered visiting methods of our clients as they can keep your identity anonymous.


An Outcall is where your escort will travel to you and your desired place for the date, such as your house or a restaurant in your area in London. These tend to be more expensive and may lead you to have to pay travel costs for your escort.

Where can I leave a Review?

Here at Luxury Sweets, we always are grateful for your feedback and advice on both our agency and escorts. That is why when we receive a review from you, over Whatsapp, we will always take it into our account. We will also always share your feedback with our companions to make sure that they can improve themselves for your next visit.

How can I book my Luxury Sweets Escort?

If you have finished looking into our Gallery to find your perfect escort, and are ready to book her time, then this is great news! You can book your escort via Whatsapp, where you will then be taken through the remainder of the booking process through our friendly reception team. If you have any additional questions about the escorts or their services, feel free to ask them, as you are their top priority.

For Escorts

Are you Hiring New Escorts

Luxury Sweets is always looking for new escorts to join our growing family. Whether you have experience or not, we welcome everyone who has an interest in entertaining our clients with their stunning personalities and beautiful bodies. Every escort has something individual and unique to offer a client, so feel free to contact Luxury Sweets to join our agency!

Escort Attributes

When it comes to what we look for in our escorts, beauty-wise, we are a fully accepting agency and welcome any sort of person to join our family.

However, there are some regulations that must always be followed:

  • Over 18 (Mandatory)
  • Allowed to work in the UK and can speak fluent English
  • Excitable and Happy
  • Professional
  • Hygienic
  • Organised and Flexible
  • Strong Time Management Skills
  • Dependable
  • Professional Appearance

Luxury Sweets is a VIP service, so we expect all of our escorts to remain professional and well-mannered when on a date. You want to give your client the best impression of yourself, so just remain calm and natural.

Will I remain Safe working for Luxury Sweets?

When it comes to the Escorting Industry, there will always be risks when you go out to meet new people. However, it is completely within your power to leave the date should you feel threatened or scared. If your client becomes violent with you, aggressive, pushy or cannot produce the money to allow the date to continue, then you should leave as fast as possible. Your safety should be your top priority so be sure to leave as soon as you start to feel nervous, as this is well within your rights.

Once you have left your date then be sure to phone Luxury Sweets as quickly as possible to let us know what happened.

How can I find out more information?

If you are want to find out more information about Luxury Sweets or are ready to join our agency, then feel free to either use our Recruitment Form or contact us via Whatsapp. We would be happy to answer any remaining questions that you may have.