It is great to hear that you have found a beautiful model from our Luxury Sweets gallery. Whilst we know that all of our beautiful companions are a treat for any man, each of our clients has his own unique taste that only a special woman can truly satisfy. So take as much time as you need to scroll through our gallery of beauties. We are more than certain that you will find someone you like.

What can I expect from my date?

We know that it can be a daunting experience can meet someone new. After all, all you have seen from your model is her video. You do not know if your personalities will click or if you will be left in an awkward silence. But worry not, you will only receive the best treatment when you meet one of our beautiful Luxury Sweets companions. All of our models are kind, considerate and have an inner warmth that will leave you pining to meet your beauty all over again.

How can I pay for my escort?

Once you have arranged your date, then you can pay your escort the full amount expected when you meet her. Please make this your top priority, as handing over your payment to your escort during the middle of a date can lead to the atmosphere of your date being ruined. Your Escort will also refuse to the conduct the date if you do not turn up with the proper amount. If you are in need of finding a cash machine, then our escort would be happy to either guide you to one or recommend that you call our reception team to find out from them.

My Escort's locations

When you have decided on whether you want to experience an incall or an outcall, then you can choose a location where you can meet your escort, or your escort can come out to meet you.

Whilst you can take your escort to any place in the cities we service, which include London,  Doha,  Dubai,  Marbella,  Cannes,  Monte Carlo; we recommended that you take her somewhere romantic that will naturally charm her. If you take her to a bar, restaurant, cafe, entertainment venue or music venue, then she will know that you are taking her seriously.

How can I book my beautiful escort?

We are very excited to hear that you are ready to book a date with one of our Luxury Sweets Escorts. Once you have found the model of your dreams within our gallery, then you can contact Luxury Sweets to begin organising your meeting. We can be contact solely through WhatsApp. From there you will be greeted by our friendly reception team who will guide you through the remainder of the booking process.

We hope you have a fantastic time on your date and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Do you have a question?

We have a comprehensive escorting FAQ page, which answers many uncommon and common questions asked by clientele.

For booking please use the WhatsApp link on our booking page or manually add our WhatsApp numbers in your phone ! We only accept booking by WhatsApp text ! NO PHONE CALLS