Canary Wharf Escorts

When you visit one of our Canary Wharf escorts you may expect her to be as beautiful as the playmates from your work fantasies. Well, you are in luck, for all of the beauties from our galleries are as gorgeous in life as they are in their photos and videos.

A quick browse of our gallery can show you how varied our girls can be. From mysterious, smokey-eyed brunettes to bubbly blonds with a cleavage bursting out at the seams, we have a Canary Wharf escort for every gentleman. You can even look into their profiles to learn more about them, as you will need to make sure that their personalities reflect just the sort of girls that you like.

When you have finally found the perfect companion, then feel free to give our Luxury Sweets a call to arrange your meeting. Just have a look at the range of ladies we have available throughout the rest of London and in Qatar and you'll quickly see just how many gorgeous ladies we have to choose from.

But where can I go with an escort in Canary Wharf?

When you visit the Canary Wharf for the first time, you may think it is only fit to serve a workforce rather than take a gorgeous Canary Wharf escort out on a date. However, once you give it a chance then you will find a plethora of hidden gems, ready for you to visit with your lucky girl.

A colder date for a Hotter Spark

If you want your companion to quickly "warm up" to you, a quirky first date idea would be to take your escort to the Canary Wharf Ice Rink. Whilst it does only have limited availability, being open from November 4th to February 24th, having a strolling skate, linked arm in arm, on a 1300 square meter rink, it is the perfect way to remain close to your date, especially if she needs your help to remain standing upon the ice.

If you desire the romantic atmosphere to be even greater, you can take your skating experience outside to the skating path, where you can skate together under the lights of the Canary Wharf. It is a gorgeous sight to take in, made even more special by linking arms with your date. And once that is done, indulge in a warm coffee or hot chocolate to warm yourselves up, marshmallows included.

For satiating the Inner Artist

You and your Canary Wharf escort are cultural creatures, and only demand the most interesting artistic creations to see. If you and your companion want to indulge in your inner critics for the day, why not look into some public art in the Canary Wharf? The Canary Wharf houses the biggest collection of public art in the UK.

You and your date can use it as a chance to explore the city, as a number of these artworks can be found near the docks or on skyscrapers. If you need help finding some of the best artworks, then you can even download a map to see which ones would be worth seeing. They are a fantastic way to start a conversation and will have you and your escort chatting for hours.

The Classic Date

After work, you may want to simply may have the urge to wine and dine a gorgeous girl in a swanky environment. In order to inspire romance, and a potential peck on the cheek once the dinner is over, here are some places that you can take your date to, as well as the sort of atmosphere they house in their establishment:

For a soft but chic atmosphere, why not try Gordan Ramsey's Micropub: The Narrow. It is the perfect place to tuck into a classic British dinner and has a fantastic view of the river. For a modern restaurant, take your escort to the Chai Ki, an Indian restaurant that is keen to bring a "hint of spice" to the Canary Wharf. For fine dining, it is worth visiting the Gaucho Canary, a gorgeous steakhouse with a monochrome theme. It is the perfect place for romance to ignite with its soft lighting and comfy white chair.

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