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Welcome to our Canary Wharf escorts gallery right here at Luxury Sweets, where you will find the sizzling hot companions you have been searching for all your life. There simply are no better options in London for finding your dream escort and as you will find out if you book with us they will all absolutely blow your mind. Each and every companion you see in our esteemed gallery has been picked there due to their passion for showing our clients an unforgettable time with each booking. A decision to book with Luxury Sweets is the right one.

Our lines are all open 24/7 this means that we can accept callers and booking requests are all hours of the day, so you don’t have to worry about fitting a booking around your busy schedule as we will take care of that for you. You can have your booking ready to go within minutes and you will never be disappointed with our customer service. Should you be having issues in picking out the perfect Canary Wharf escort for you then you can use the refine menu at the top of the page on mobile or left of the page on desktop.

Canary Wharf is an incredibly nice business park located within London, it is situated nicely on the Isle of Dogs which is a small incline in London around which the River Thames flows in a meander. It has some of the tallest skyscrapers seen in London, and contains the famous Cabot Square. You can take your date here before retreating to one of the hotels situated nearby, including the Marriott Hotel in the West India Quay.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Canary Wharf Escorts

Why should you decide on a Canary Wharf escort from Luxury Sweets?

The simplest way to answer this question is that when it comes to Canary Wharf our escorts are absolutely second to none, the selection process that each of the girls who apply to be part of our gallery have to go through is extremely extensive. This means that we look for companions who have excellent looks and stellar figures obviously as that is what you’ll be able to see in the images but we make sure that their personalities match their wonderful looks, by looking for passionate women who are not afraid to show a gentleman a brilliant time. As soon as a Luxury Sweetheart walks through the door you are sure to be smitten.

How long will I have to wait until my escort arrives?

We usually give our clients the estimate of up to an hour for any outcall Canary Wharf escort to arrive at your door, this is due to the taxi that will be taking your chosen companion out to you which sometimes can take a while. The hour estimate is given based on the normal congestion experienced in London, and this is kept a wide majority of the time, however when the traffic is getting a bit heavier in the centre then this can be disrupted. We will always tell you if this is the case but you can check Google Traffic in order to make sure.

What will I have to do during and before my booking?

We expect you to do a few things before meeting your dream Canary Wharf escort for the first time, starting off with preparing by getting yourself clean before their arrival or before going to their apartment, you will want to be hygienic as they are going to look their best to show you a good time. We also want you to be polite with your chosen companion as they are to show you an incredible time that you will not soon forget, you can at least be kind to them in return. We then expect you to be punctual for your booking, you will not want to miss out on the time of your life due to lateness. You must pay the booking fee within the first five minutes before anything can happen so keep this in mind as you arrive.

Are there any additional fees that can be added onto my booking?

The only possible fees that can be added onto your booking will be related to travel, should you be having an outcall booking within London or flying out any of our other international escorts to meet you in Canary Wharf. This would mean you will be expected to either pay for the taxi to get your chosen Canary Wharf companion out to you, or to pay for the flights which will get your dream girl out to see you.

Can your Canary Wharf Escorts meet me abroad for a booking?

Yes all of our Luxury Sweethearts are available for worldwide travel, and our Canary Wharf escorts are no different. If you are hoping for any of these beautiful ladies to meet you abroad then you are in luck, naturally you will have to pay for their flights out but this will not be a problem as we set up your dream date. If you are travelling to any of the following locations: Cannes, Marbella, Monaco, Dubai or Qatar then we would recommend booking one of our companions from those locations.

What details will I need to give to Luxury Sweets before my booking?

If you have made the decision to book one of our stellar Canary Wharf escorts then we will need some information from you, this will only be required for outcall bookings so please have it on hand should you be looking for one of those:

  • Your hotel room number and the address of the hotel
  • Your contact number
  • The name you gave to the hotel

They will be required for any such booking as we value the safety of our escorts extremely highly, they are here to show gentlemen an excellent time and we want them to feel secure. We will contact the hotel to confirm your stay, and after this has been done we will speak to you again and confirm your booking to let you know that the request has been fully processed.

How can I book a Canary Wharf escort from Luxury Sweets?

At the present moment we only accept bookings via WhatsApp, you can access the number on each of our girls’ pages or by clicking the UK number on the drop down menu. Our lines are open 24/7 so you never have to worry that we will miss your call. We pride ourselves on making all of our clients happiness our number one priority, so we train our staff to be able to handle any question and to give any advice necessary for a booking.

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