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Out of all the areas we cover in London, Fulham happens to have some of our most sought after escorts. Every companion you see in this gallery is an authentic model who will blow you away with their immaculate looks. Our selection process is quite a lengthy one as we make sure that every lady you see represented here is an absolute stunner.

It doesn’t matter what time you decide to call, whether you’re a night owl or an early riser our reception team is ready to receive your call as they are available 24/7. This means that time is not an issue when it comes to making a booking that you will be happy with, and if you need some extra information on the area then please ask when you ring in.

Fulham is an area of high renown within London, due to two famous football clubs playing within its bounds. Chelsea and Fulham itself which both bring in quite a lot of attention to the area. It contains some of the oldest buildings in London such as the Fulham Pottery and the like, as well as containing many shops on New King’s Road, which means you’ll have a lot of places to visit during your stay.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Our Fulham Escorts

Why booking a Fulham Escort from Luxury Sweets is a great idea

Luxury Sweets is a place where you can only find the finest of escorts, and Fulham is no different in this regard as you can see from the gallery above. You can use the refine menu at the top of the page on mobile or the left-hand side of the page on desktop which will allow you to pick your preferences, though with these ladies you won’t need to do much as the sex appeal is just jumping out from the screen.

How long will it take for my Fulham escort to arrive?

Normally we present an hour estimate when you ring in, in order to be safe as well as to give our girls enough time to get ready to leave your jaw on the floor. This approximation can get interrupted by heavy congestion around the London area, but you’ll know about this before she arrives. Should you be booking an escort from any of our other international locations to meet you in Fulham, then this will take an advance booking and will inherently take longer.

What do I need to do before meeting my Fulham escort?

There are some things you will need to cross off before making your booking, there are certain things we expect you to do after you call in and while you make your way or wait for your date to get there. The first of which is to be hygienic, as the escort will be perfectly prepared for you, you should also be. While she is there with you, please be as polite as possible so you can both have a great time, our companions are there to make you happy so be kind and a part of this politeness is to be on time with your booking. No one likes lateness, and you might miss out on the time of your life so don’t do it. After you arrive you will also be expected to pay within the first five minutes before anything else can occur, and once all of this is done you will proceed to have an incredible evening.

Should I expect to see any additional fees?

There is only a single type of additional fee which can happen, and that is on anything regarding travel. The primary of which can happen if you want your chosen escort to travel quite far to meet you, those being extra travel charges. Should you be travelling abroad and would like to take one of our Fulham escorts, then you will be expected to pay for both hers and your flights.

Can your Fulham escorts travel abroad?

Every companion you see on any of our wonderful catalogues will be available for international travel as long as you make this clear during your booking call. However if you already know where you’re travelling to, it might be easier to book an escort from one of our other locations some of which are: Dubai, Doha, Marbella, France, or Monte Carlo, if any of these are your destination then check them first.

What information do I need to pass over before my booking?

There isn’t much we need from you before you make your booking, but the following is what we require to make it a successful booking:

  • Your hotel room number and the address of the hotel
  • Your contact number
  • The name your room is booked under

Forward these details over to the reception team upon your call and they will then call the hotel to confirm your stay and make sure that this was all correct information that was handed to us, after which we will contact you to let you know if it is all ready for the amazing time you’re about to have. This is a precaution we take in order for our ladies to be safe and what allows us to be the top in quality escorts.

How can I book a Fulham escort from Luxury Sweets?

Making a booking with Luxury Sweets is simple, there is currently only one option for making a booking which is to use WhatsApp numbers which are relevant to your location, for London , click here.

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