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Welcome to our Luxury Sweets London gallery page, here you will find our collection of the finest London escorts with authentic, sexy videos. There aren’t many other agencies which provide you with the quality that you can see here at Luxury Sweets.

Our phone lines are open 24/7 in order to make sure that your booking will be taken care of and you can see your premier London escort today. If you’re looking for girls in a specific location within London you can use the top of the page to select any location of your choosing.

London is one of the largest cities in the world, and being the capital of England is the largest city in the UK. London is famous for being the place where most of the travellers go in the UK, since not only are some parts of it beautiful but whatever you’re hoping to find you’ll probably be able to find it. As a London escort agency we hope to introduce you to the best girls in the capital.

Frequently Asked Questions about our London Escorts

Why choose a London Escort from Luxury Sweets?

We pride ourselves on having found the best companions, with the sexiest videos, and this is something we offer for you to indulge in. A flawless dream-like experience with one of the most beautiful girls in the world. Our London escorts not only have incredible looks but stand-out personalities worth taking out on a dinner date.

If you have a specific type you’re looking for we’re sure to cater to that preference. No matter if it’s blondes, brunettes or Latin girls, we’ll always have someone ready for you.

How long will I have to wait until I meet my escort in London?

We try to always get your escort to you within the hour from when you call, unless you make a booking at a specific time of course. If you’re inviting an escort from one of our other locations (such as one of our Doha escorts) to see you, it will definitely take a lot longer.

Things to see in London

London is such a large bustling city that you will never run out of activities to partake in, especially with your sexy London escort. There are a few places we can recommend for you to visit, most of these will also be in the other locations we already have on the site for London but this is just a general overview of what is there to see while you’re visiting.

Big Ben – One of the most famous landmarks and an iconic part of London and British culture in general, this wonderful clock tower has been around for nearly two-hundred years and has stood the test of time the entire time with a few renovations here and there. You can’t miss out on seeing one of the hallmarks of the London experience while you are visiting the wonderful city. You can find this beautiful landmark in Westminster, and be sure to definitely check it out should you be coming on a tourist trip to the heart of London.

The Tower of London – This is another one of the world-recognised landmarks that London has to offer, this wonderful and ancient castle has a rich history being the original castle which was used as a point of attack for many of Britain’s enemies during medieval times and if you took the castle it means you captured London. You will be enraptured by the amazing design and the rich history of one of the oldest buildings that London has to offer should you decide to visit it, you can walk through the halls and view the garden in which generations of royalty spent their days and evenings.

Buckingham Palace – It would be a huge mistake to not mention what is now Queen Elizabeth II’s place of residence, it is the focal point of the monarchy in Britain and is viewed as one of the most important buildings in the entire British culture. It is often referred to as the most famous building in London due to the palace being the place where the Queen operates from as well as the other royals. It is viewed as an important part of the British lifestyle and most residents of Britain will know exactly what it is on top of any tourists coming to visit the place. You can expect to be dazzled by the architecture and the feeling of witnessing something truly spectacular should you choose to visit it.

What will be expected of me?

We simply would like the discerning gentlemen that book any of the girls in our catalogue to treat them with respect, since our London escorts will show you ultimate class. Be hygienic, polite and most importantly punctual since you don’t want to miss your booking. Do not try to haggle the price with any of our ladies, as we expect the payment to be made in cash within the first five minutes of your booking.

Which London Escorts are recommended?

We can safely recommend any of the girls in our gallery, since they have been hand-picked with videos that are suited to make any gentleman sweat. But since people have their preferences our staff is prepared to help you pick out the best choice for you, just let them know when you call in.

Are there additional fees?

If you would like the girls to travel to you, you will have to pay for the travel cost and that is the only additional cost that we will ask for you. If you’d like to travel internationally then you’d have to pay the flight costs for both yourself and your London Escort.


Can a London Escort travel to meet me abroad?

Yes, all of our London escorts are available internationally, to almost any location worldwide. Here are some examples of other locations we can cover, if you’re already travelling: Spain, France, Qatar, UAE, and Monaco.

What details do I need to provide?

When booking any of our gorgeous London escorts, we require you to leave us with the following details in order to make your booking go smoothly:

  • Your hotel room number and the address of the hotel
  • Your contact number
  • The name you used when you booked your room

When you make your booking pass on the information to our team, and they’ll simply confirm your stay at the hotel and then contact you back when this has been done. This is a precaution we take to make sure our models are safe.

How can I book an escort in London?

Booking one of our wonderful companions couldn’t be any easier. We only accept bookings using WhatsApp, contact us tonight to arrange your booking in order to make your dream come true. Our reception team is happy to help you.

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