Things to Know Before Going to the UAE

The UAE and Their Various Laws

If you are not local to the UAE you have to understand that the culture is widely different than most other places in the world, with a heavy cultural and religious influence. For example, women are advised to not wear anything particularly revealing in public areas, with clothes covering skin the tops of the arms and legs and swimming gear should only be put on at beaches and swimming pools regardless of weather conditions, if you are partial to cross-dressing, this is entirely illegal in the UAE. All of the UAE escorts in our catalogue are well aware of this however it is good to know, even for yourself or if you're travelling with a partner.

Alcohol and the UAE

The largest difference in our laws is possibly the difference in alcohol laws. If you are hoping to drink with your escort in Abu Dhabi or Dubai you are going to be disappointed, unless you can pretend to be sober on command. The laws in the UAE are very strict, if you are found to be drunk in public you may be arrested and criminally charged depending on how severely out of control you are. You can only drink in specific licensed venues, so stick to those if you are planning to be doing so.

No more PDAs

Public displays of affection are wholly unaccepted, so we advise to not pressure your escort for a kiss as you may be arrested by the police bringing your joyous break to a sharp and abrupt end. We also advise to be more discreet in all dealings with one of our premier escorts, ones native to the place will have no trouble showing you around and making sure you break no laws. On the other end of the spectrum, swearing and making rude hand gestures towards people in public can get you jailed or sent back. Always keep this in mind, though we expect gentlemen who are taking our exquisite UAE escorts out for a good time, to be respectful and aware of the cultural differences.

Approach Taking Pictures with Extra Care

If you are an avid photography enthusiast, we advise to make sure that what you're attempting to photograph is acceptable within the cultural boundaries in the UAE. There's many to list but here's a few that you need to know; photographing buildings related to the government and any military facilities is a violation as well as photographing airplanes flying into or flying out of any UAE countries and this is especially true near military bases. On top of this you can't photograph people until they have given you permission, and this doubly applies to taking photographs of women on beaches, even ones you are associated with. Be careful when posting something online that may be misconstrued as having anti-government sentiments as that will be met with some form of criminal justice. 

Luxurious Hotels and More Laws

Finally as far as the important side of the laws goes the last thing you need to know before coming to Abu Dhabi, Dubai or any of the UAE to see our escorts or just to travel is that you will have to allow the hotel staff to take a photocopy of your I.D. whatever it might be, for security reasons. You can find this and more specific laws by clicking this link, which leads to the official government website.

On a lighter note, and after you have digested all of this information, we would like to provide you with some levity and show your our two top picks for hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Abu Dhabi: Four Seasons Hotel

There aren't many more hotels that provide such an amazing view for such an affordable price in all of Abu Dhabi, providing a great view of the Arabian Gulf. Providing a connection straight to the Galleria Mall as well as being only a few kilometers away from Qasr al-Hosn palace. And that is nothing to speak of the true 5-star service, providing a giant swimming pool made for kings and a spa if relaxation is more what you're looking for and if you're taking one of our UAE escorts that is almost a given, the facilities inside the hotel are even better with giant comfortable beds, fresh bathrooms and wonderful restaurants that serve different cuisines daily. It is also the most highly rated getaway for couples, and we can guarantee that there is nothing of comparable quality that has all of the same facilities and views for the same low price.

Dubai: Atlantis, The Palm

Unlike our previous pick this one is more expensive but it makes up for the price and perhaps even provides more value by having even more facilities. Have you ever wanted to meet a dolphin in the flesh? Well this is one of the only hotels in the world that affords you easy access to a dolphin pool, and not only that, even a respectably sized water park to relax throughout the entire day in. There's even an aquarium, a spa and over 20 restaurants of different cuisines ready to serve you at any time, there aren't many better places to treat a lady to. The rooms are giant and are sure to meet your expectations for this wonderful country, and the service is extremely good, with the staff being friendly and helpful.

If you would like to know more about these wonderful places, there are resources linked inside the body of the text. In the future I will provide more updates, and more information for our tourist clients going to the United Arab Emirates.