Wimbledon Escorts

When you think of Wimbledon, you may think of tennis or improving your game. However, why not improve a different area of your game by taking out one of our gorgeous Wimbledon escorts out on a date.

All of our Luxury Sweets Escorts are goddesses, ready to de-stress you from a hard day's work. Our girls came in many variations of the word "angelic", whether you are interested in finding a smokey-eyed bombshell, or a bubbly blond, once you have scrolled through our galleries, you will find that you are simply spoiled for choice. Take a good look at their pictures, read their profiles, only once you have gone through all of our girls can you make the right choice for your date.

Our website is easy and efficient to use when booking one of our girls. With all our pages in the navigation menu at the top of our website, feel free to send us a message to begin booking the arrangement.

What sort of places can I take my Wimbledon escort out to?

Each Wimbledon escort has her own set tastes, whether that be a simple dinner date or a cultural full day out. If you want to experience a classic date, in a romantic restaurant setting, here are some suggestions for you both to visit. If neither of you likes them, don't worry, for your escort will be sure to have a number of suggestions of her own:

  • The Stage Door Steakhouse - This steakhouse is focused upon Greek cuisine and offers one of the best steak meals in Wimbledon. If your Wimbledon escort is quite the carnivore, then this is the perfect venue, especially if you aim to go see a production at the New Wimbledon Theatre afterwards. With the added candlelight, you will be having a dash of intimacy in no time.
  • "Sticks ‘n’ Sushi"- If you are looking for some exotic flavours to excite your companion, then this is the venue for you. As a combination of Japanese and Nordic flavours, it is the perfect place if you are looking for a cosy, yet fashionable, retreat from the world.
  • "The Lighthouse"- The Lighthouse- This is a local favourite in Wimbledon due to their exotic menu, though a favourite is the duck breast. With a softly lit dining interior and comfy sofa seats, these tables are small enough to allow you to feed your date without any problems.

Green Culture

Perhaps you and one of our Wimbledon escorts are looking for a private patch of land that you can have a picnic on? If you want to lounge around in the sun, then why not visit the Wimbledon and Putney Commons, this tract of land is 1,100 acres and is the perfect place to relax amongst beautiful foliage and wildlife. Bring your own picnic and a glass of champagne, you and your escort in Wimbledon will be sweet talking in no time.

If you fancy a bit more of a trek in nature, did you know that there is actually a "Windmill" in Wimbledon? Located near the commons, it is the perfect place to go to a trek and explore what rural life used to be like in 1817. The windmill itself has also been transformed into a museum, so if you and your date want to catch up on the history of the area, it is the perfect place to explore together.

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If you wish to see them then you are welcome to phone us any time to arrange a meeting. We look forward to hearing from you soon.