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When making a trip into London, most of the time you will find yourself at King’s Cross station and when there you might want to consider one of the best escorts London has to offer. Each girl you see on this excellent gallery is available for booking and will look exactly as the videos on their profiles show, beautiful and sexy with a lot of confidence able to make you sweat.

Should you be hoping to make a nightly booking or a morning getaway before getting on with your day then you can rest easy as our reception team is available 24/7 for calls by discerning gentlemen. This allows you to make a booking that you will be satisfied with regardless of the time you choose to call in.

King’s Cross is an area synonymous with the station that props up the centre of this district. It is a frequent point of travel for many people around England coming into London whether it be for a holiday or business meeting, as such it contains plenty of hotels you can book for your fated meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions about our King’s Cross Escorts

Why should you book a King’s Cross escort from Luxury Sweets?

There are many places where you can book an escort, but we can guarantee that they will not be Luxury Sweethearts like the excellent companions you see here. You can even use a refine menu which appears at the top of the page on mobile or the left-hand side on desktop to select your preferences, which will allow you to pick the girl that most embodies your personal tastes.

What is the normal estimate for my escort’s time of arrival?

Normally when dealing with an outcall booking on the same day as you call in, you can expect your King’s Cross escort to arrive within the hour of your call. However, there are times, particularly peak times, in London where there will be heavy congestion which can skew the estimate. If you are hoping to book an international companion however, this will take an advance booking.

What do I need to do to prepare for my booking?

When you’re in the last few longing moments before your booking, please make sure that you adhere to our standards. The first two of which are very basic but need to be fulfilled if you’re going to have a good time and those are: be polite and hygienic. You don’t want to turn away the companion of your choice by being unkempt and mean, after all you’ll be meeting your dream girl. Please be punctual, as you don’t want to miss out on this incredible date and after she arrives, then pay within the first five minutes of your booking. Your booking can’t commence otherwise.

Are there any additional fees I need to know about?

There are only a few possible applicable fees, and they don’t come up that often. Mainly related to travel, so for example if you would like your escort to travel a ways off your chosen location to meet you, this will obviously cost a little extra. If you are travelling abroad however and would like to take one of our King’s Cross escorts with you then you will be expected to pay for both of your flights as well as hers.

If I’m so inclined can I have a King’s Cross escort travel internationally with me?

Each and every girl and King’s Cross escort you see on this page is available for travel internationally, provided you make this clear and they agree during your call. But if you already know your destination then it might be a good idea to check our other locations, since we have wonderful catalogues there also. Have a look at: Abu Dhabi, Qatar, Spain, Cannes and Monaco. If you’re travelling to any of these it might be easier to book an escort from any of those galleries.

What are the details I need to provide Luxury Sweets with before my booking?

The information we require is a short list but it’s very important that we get it, since your booking can’t commence without it. Those are:

  • Your hotel room number and the address of the hotel
  • Your contact number
  • The name you used to book your hotel

Give all of this to the reception team when you call, they will then process it and make a call to the hotel to confirm the details given are accurate and then ring you to let you know that your booking is all ready to go. This is something we do to make sure all of our escorts are safe and sound.

How do I go about booking an escort in King’s Cross?

The simplest thing to do on Luxury Sweets is actually making a booking since all it involves is a quick phone call. We currently only accept bookings via WhatsApp the London number you can click on here, and you can check out our main London gallery by clicking here.

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