Kensington Escorts

Known as London's commercial heart, our escorts in Kensington are true ladies of sophistication. They live the capital dream and expect to be treated to only the finest outings. The Kensington Escorts from our agency here at Luxury Sweets are the cream of the crop and look forward to meeting men of a similar caliber.

Whether you are a man that finds a blond a goddess in human form, or a tall model an Amazonian goddess, then our array of vixens will be sure to excite you. There is always someone out there for everyone, thus we are sure that our gallery of escorts in Kensington will house someone you just cannot wait to meet

Should you want to meet one of our gorgeous girls, then feel free to call our friendly team at Luxury Sweets, where you will be guided through how to meet your dream Kensington escort girl. Our reception team are professional and will keep your business with them as discrete as possible. They will then arrange a meeting based on both your timetables.

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What sort of places should I take my escort in Kensington to on our date?

A Small Shopping Trip

For a Kensington Tourist, you may assume that Portobello Market is the best place to take your escort out on a day of trinket hunting. However, with its stereotypical market produce, overzealous market sellers and over-expensive gifts, your escorts may find this location a little too dull for their taste.

Instead, why not look into Golborne Road, a market which reflects, as Robert Ander Luggs has said, "what Portobello Road used to be before tourists and chain-shops ruined it." When you take your escort in Kensington to this market, you can try out the international food stalls together, or visit some fashion boutiques in order to pamper your Kensington companion. If you are feeling a little more adventurous, why not even take your time to explore the Trellick Tower with your date.

With so much to do, your escort will always be entertained and you both will be sure to have a fantastic date.

For the Morbidly Curious

If you and your escort are interested in seeing a little more than just a simple museum or art gallery, why not peek into a place that may be considered to be the main resting place of man's best friend.

The Pet Cemetery is the final destination of many of London's pets, including a dog owned by the wife of the Duke of Cambridge. Whilst this may not be a romantic spot, it is a touristic curiosity that many like to peek in on. So why not take your escort for a little trip round? Though be sure that she is comfortable to do so first. You do not want to start your date on an awkward note or frighten her.

For the Classic Date

You and your escort simply want to a night of intimate conversation rather than an adventure around the town. For this, you and your escort need a night that is swimming with candle-lit tables, soft music, and high-class service. "The Pheasantry" and the "Five Fields" are a favourite of Kensington locals, especially with their al-fresco dining experiences, as well as their light dining areas. With this suave date, your Kensington companion will be completely enticed and ready to enjoy a night of wine and soft romance.

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