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Welcome to our Wembley escort gallery, if you are looking for some of the most sizzling sultry companions in the London area you have come to the right place. Here at Luxury Sweets we take our selection process very seriously, in order to provide discerning gentlemen with an incredible time with some of the best girls all over the world.

When calling in you can be sure that our lines are open 24/7, this is in order to make the best booking possible for every possible time and location. Use the refine menu on the left of the page in the drop down, you can use this to pick a more appropriate option for your tastes but any girl on this page is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Wembley is most famous for the now world-renowned Wembley Stadium, with plenty of hotels available all over the place in the area with a lot of them being very luxurious. If you need to do any shopping in the area there is a lot of commercial places to go to, due to the nature of the location.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Wembley Escorts

Why pick a Wembley Escort from Luxury Sweets?

Well if you are a football fan visiting the stadium or watching a match and then booking a wonderful Wembley escort for an amazing time, there is no better place than Luxury Sweets. When making a booking you can be sure that every girl we add to our catalogue are chosen not only for their immaculate beauty but amazing personalities as well.

How long will it take for my escort to arrive?

When making an outcall booking while in Wembley, we try to get your escort out to you within the hour. There are some external factors that we have no control over that might delay this, such as heavy congestion on the roads but usually this estimate is kept. If you would like to book an escort from abroad this will require an advanced booking.

What is expected of me?

Most of the etiquette we expect from our clients is already inherent for most gentlemen, and especially ones booking our incredible Wembley escorts. The first two things to keep in mind is that you have to be hygienic and additionally, be as polite as is required so your escort doesn’t turn you away. After this make sure you are punctual for your booking, otherwise it might not take place. Finally you have to pay your companion within the first five minutes of the booking.

Are there any additional fees?

The only additional fee that can be added to the booking will be for extra travel fees, such as an outcall to a remote location. Otherwise the price will be the same as on the chosen Wembley escorts profile. The only other possible fee would happen if you make an advance booking with one of our escorts from abroad, as you will have to pay for both of the escort’s flights.

Can any of your Wembley Escorts travel to meet me abroad?

All of our girls are available for travel all over the world. There are plenty of locations that we also cover which you can see from the drop down. Some of our international ones are: Monaco, Spain, Cannes and Qatar. If you’re planning to go to any of those areas you can either have one of our Wembley escorts travel to you, or book one of ours which are already there.

What are the details I need to provide?

When booking any one of our Wembley escorts, the following details are all you will need to give us when calling in:

  • Your hotel room number and the address of the hotel
  • Your contact number
  • The name you gave to the hotel

When you ring up our reception make sure you give them the information above, they will then make contact with the hotel and confirm your stay. This is all in order to make sure our escorts are safe and your booking is successful.

How can I book a Wembley Escort?

At the current moment we only take bookings via WhatsApp, and our lines are available at all times. This is to make sure each booking is done quickly and as smoothly as possible. Our staff are ready to take all your queries and advise you on anything. We try to make sure that you have a heavenly time when you make your booking.

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