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Welcome to our Park Lane escorts gallery here on Luxury Sweets, where you can find the most esteemed, sophisticated and sexy companions in the area! Every one of our dazzling Park Lane escorts has been through a thorough selection process to make sure that you gentlemen get to enjoy only the best of the best!

We have an amazing reception team here at Luxury Sweets ready to take your call 24/7, who pride themselves on being friendly, professional and discreet. Our team is on hand to make sure that you have the best booking possible with the Park Lane escort of your dreams. You are free to use our refine menu to pick your most preferred companion for you, but our reception team can also help you pick the best girl for you if you need some extra assistance when choosing.

Park Lane is a major road in Central London, famous for its sophistication, high-end luxury accommodation and designer brands galore. It’s the perfect spot for you and your Park Lane escort to enjoy a refined, romantic experience together.

Frequently asked questions about our Park Lane escorts

Why choose a Park Lane Escort from Luxury Sweets?

The Park Lane escorts are not ones to be overlooked, with their exquisite, supermodel physiques and glamour. They are blessed with goddess-like beauty and class and will certainly make you feel like you’re in the company of a queen.

The escorts in Park Lane are all professional, discreet and are experts in their craft of making all of you fine gentlemen out there experience pleasure as you have never felt before. You will not want to miss out on the sweet, soft touch of a Park Lane companion.

How long will I have to wait for my Park Lane escort to arrive?

You will have to wait around an hour for your stunning beauty to arrive, but be aware that traffic in the area can be unpredictable meaning that you may have to wait a little longer for your companion.

This estimate does not, however, apply to international escorts that have come to meet you in Park Lane when you have booked one who is abroad, for that you would need an advanced booking.

What is expected of me?

What we and our beautiful Park Lane escorts expect from you is simple. We must insist that you are hygienic, polite and punctual. This goes without saying for most gentlemen but just be aware of all these factors before making a booking. Lastly, you are required to pay your companion within the first five minutes of the booking. If any of these factors are ignored and not met, this will turn your escort away from you, terminating the booking.

Are there any additional fees?

The only additional fee that can be added to the booking will be extra travel costs, which would include outcalls or travelling to a remote location. This will otherwise be the same price that you see stated on the Park Lane escorts profile. The other fee that could incur is if you were to make an advanced booking with one of our escorts from abroad as you will have to pay for both of the escorts flights.

Are the Park Lane escorts able to travel to meet me abroad?

Every one of our girls is available for worldwide travel and there are plenty of locations that we also cover in the dropdown menu. Some of the international locations are Singapore, Qatar, Spain, Cannes and Monaco so if you are planning to visit any of those areas you can either have one of our beautiful Park Lane escorts travel out to you or book one of our companions that is already there.

What details do I need to provide?

When making a booking with one of our escorts in Park Lane, you will need to provide the following details to us when you call in:

  • Your hotel room number and the hotel’s address
  • Your best contact number
  • The name you provided when you booked your room

When calling our reception team to book, make sure that the information you give to our booking team is accurate as this is a safety precaution we take to ensure that all our escorts are safe.

How can I book an escort in Park Lane?

Currently, we only take bookings via WhatsApp and our lines are available for you 24/7. Our reception team are ready to answer all of your questions and assist you with anything you may need. Our team is here ready to ensure that you have a smooth, personalised experience with your dream Park Lane escort.

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