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Welcome to our Walthamstow escort gallery, the best place to find high quality companions within the entire city. You’ll be hard pressed to find girls of a higher quality within the area, and each of our wonderful escorts has gone through a long selection process to be added to our exclusive catalogue.

The reception team at Luxury Sweets is second to none, we are available for your call 24/7 to make the most suitable booking for you at anytime. When on the call our team is instructed to keep it as discreet and light as possible. It doesn’t matter if you’re simply passing by or living in Walthamstow, you are sure to find the girl of your dreams.

Walthamstow is situated on the North-East side of London and is named so after the Waltham Forest which is the borough where it is located. It is not a particularly famous area, but there is a lot of history and wonderful buildings within the area, which you can visit at your leisure before retreating back to a hotel with the Walthamstow escort of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Walthamstow Escorts

Why choose a Walthamstow Escort from Luxury Sweets?

Here at Luxury Sweets we always provide our clients with a guarantee of the very best escorts, and Walthamstow is a great example of this. Just by looking above you can see the high standard of all the Walthamstow escorts on show.

Our Luxury Sweets girls are not only absolute bombshells with incredible figures, but additionally they have the personalities to match the looks. There aren’t many better agencies for giving you an unforgettable experience.

How long will it take for my Walthamstow escort to arrive?

We try to get your escort out to you within the hour, there are some issues that can alter this such as traffic or the like but the estimate most of the time holds up. This doesn’t apply to escorts booked abroad to come meet you in Walthamstow, that will take an advanced booking.

What is expected of me?

When going to meet your escort you are expected to follow some basic human rules of decency, first of all be hygienic so your companion isn’t instantly turned off. Secondly, be polite in every interaction you have with them. Finally be punctual so you don’t miss the time of your life and when you arrive make sure to have your payment ready within the first five minutes of meeting your chosen Walthamstow escort.

Are there additional fees?

Should you prefer to have your escort travel to you on an outcall, you will be expected to pay for the travel cost to get her to you, and that would be the only additional cost. Should you be wanting to travel abroad and take one of our Walthamstow escorts, you will have to pay for both hers and your tickets.

Can a Walthamstow Escort travel to meet me abroad?

Yes, every single one of our Walthamstow escorts, is able to go anywhere internationally within limits. Here are some of the other locations we cover: Abu Dhabi, Doha, Cannes, Monte Carlo  and Spain, in case you’d like to book after you arrive.

What details do I need to provide?

When proceeding with making a booking you will be expected to provide the following information:

  • Your hotel room number and the address of the hotel
  • Your contact number
  • The name you used when you booked your room

Make sure you give all of this when you call in to make your booking, you will be asked about it regardless as our customer service team is very high quality but just keep it in mind. This is a precaution we take to make sure our escorts are safe.

How can I book an escort in Walthamstow?

When making a booking with Luxury Sweets you can be confident that the process is as smooth as you’ll be feeling after making one. You simply use the WhatsApp number relevant to your country or by clicking here. You will then be asked about all the information above and then you can plan your incredible evening. Should you have more questions simply ask our reception team.

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