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Welcome to our Greenwich gallery here at Luxury Sweets, here are some of the finest escorts you will be able to find with sizzling, sultry and sexy videos which are fully authentic and present the girl you will be booking. This is all in order to give you a wonderful experience.

Our reception staff is ready to accept booking requests 24/7 when you call in, to provide you with the best and most discreet service. It doesn’t matter whether you are simply passing by Greenwich or you live in the surrounding area, we will be able to get a Greenwich escort to you.

Greenwich is located within the borough of the same name. It is famously known for it’s association with maritime history, the name of the area is placed upon the Greenwich Meridian and GMT. It is one of the oldest places within the bounds of London.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Greenwich Escorts

Why choose a Greenwich Escort from Luxury Sweets

Greenwich is one of the most esteemed and history-rich areas in the entirety of London, and our escorts make perfect companions for anyone visiting this area due to their immaculate quality.

When picking companions who will be making into onto our incredible catalogue, we look for unmatched beauty, unforgettable personalities and escorts who take pleasure in their encounters with gentlemen. You are sure to find your dream girl here.

How long will I have to wait to meet my Greenwich Escort

At Luxury Sweets we aim to get your Greenwich escort to you within the hour, there are problems that can impact the time such as traffic or other factors outside of our control. Additionally this doesn’t apply to French escorts that you want to meet in Greenwich as that will take an advanced booking.

What is expected of me?

There are four basic rules that you will have to adhere to when proceeding with your booking. The first of which is to be punctual, no one wants to deal with a late client and time-wasting so please don’t do it. Then you have to be hygienic and polite or you will be turned away. Finally, you have to make your payment in the first five minutes of your booking.

What are the additional fees?

Only if you require a taxi to bring your escort to you, as this will obviously cost extra. The only other additional cost could be if you require an escort to travel to a location abroad with you, then you would need to pay for yours and her flights.

Can your Greenwich Escorts come to meet me abroad?

Yes all of our Greenwich escorts travel abroad, and provide clients with international bookings. Here are some of the locations we already cover if you’d like a local girl in any of these locations: Cannes, Singapore, The UAE, Spain or Qatar.

What details do I need to provide?

When booking any of our Greenwich escorts, we will require certain details from you in order to make sure your booking goes smoothly.

  • Your hotel room number and the address of the hotel
  • Your contact number
  • The name you used for the hotel

Provide all of this information when you call in to make your booking. Our staff will then confirm your details and stay at the hotel. This is to make sure all our models are safe. Once we have confirmed this your booking can happen.

How can I book a Greenwich Escort?

There is no simpler way than to book an escort using our system, we only accept bookings via WhatsApp. You can contact us anytime and we can arrange a booking that suits you perfectly. Our staff is ready to help your dreams come true today.

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