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Frequently Asked Questions about our Cannes Escorts

Why Pick a Cannes Escort from Luxury Sweets?

French being a language of love is not a myth, as you will find out by meeting any one of our wonderful companions at your discretion. These girls are more than educated in every aspect of the language of love, able to fulfil any wish of yours so blow out your candles and book one of our Luxury Sweets escorts today.

There are many different escorts in Cannes, able to suit any of your fantasies whether you are into ladies with more curves than you know what to do with or tight, skinny models who will make any other man’s jaw drop with their immaculate beauty.

How long is the wait time for a Cannes escort?

Our Cannes escorts are able to meet you within the hour provided you are in Cannes, with longer depending on your location within the great city. On the booking form you can pick a more suitable time-frame, should you be looking for something more solid.

Why should I become a member?

We have an exclusive members area with sizzling hot galleries able to only be seen by the VIP club on the website, and sub-locations for more specific bookings as well as priority booking on any of our premier companions.

What is expected of me?

The rules you should follow to are no different than you would in dealing with other ladies this being, being dressed to impress and with an air of politeness about you. The only thing exclusive to our Cannes companions is that you do not attempt to haggle the fees they set out. Be there on time, and have the payment ready in cash upon arrival.

What is there to see in Cannes?

Cannes is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in the world, just the view from the waterfront overlooking the Mediterranean Sea is enough to make the trip. But that is not all, as the city also holds one of the most esteemed Festivals of all time; Festival de Cannes, which takes place there every year in May at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, and many other events take place at this renowned venue.

You can walk around throughout the city looking at various villas and museums, and you’ll be able to find a rich piece of history no matter where you go.

What hotels should I be looking at in Cannes?

Here are two options for you, which will provide a basis for your future searches in regards to accommodation in Cannes. These hotels were hand-picked based on their proximity to a good variety of attractions, and specifically the Palais des Festivals.

InterContinental Cartlon Cannes: One of the premier hotels, it is quite expensive but also extremely well furnished with a pool, an in-door restaurant with incredible architecture and you just simply have to look at the images from it to get a feeling of it’s high-class décor. It is incredibly close to Palais des Festivals as well as anything you need from the La Croisette promenade. There aren’t many choices you can make that would be better than this, even if it’s expensive. Every morning you wake up you can look over the coast and enjoy your trip better than ever.

Hôtel Splendid Cannes: The best value for your money by far, there isn’t a single hotel that is as good as this for the low price it presents, and it’s even closer to all the attractions than the previous one. The hotel looks great from the outside and has a great view of the coast while also having all the features you would come to expect from a 4-star hotel, though compared to Inter Contintental it doesn’t have a swimming pool.

Are there any additional fees?

The only additional cost would be if you’d like to have your companion travel to meet you. You will have to pay for all travel costs, if you’d like to fly one of our French escorts to meet you in another location. If a taxi needs to be arranged you will have to pay a small surcharge for that also within Cannes.

Can my Cannes escort travel abroad to meet me?

There is no reason why not, all of our escorts in Cannes are available for travel worldwide, make sure to let us know before making your booking so we can help you arrange your luxuriously sweet getaway.

What details do I need to give to Luxury Sweets?

Upon arranging your booking we will require some information from you to make sure everything goes smoothly and your request is treated as authentic:

  • Your Hotel’s address and your room number
  • The name your room is booked under
  • Your contact number

If we have all this information we can confirm your stay at the hotel and finish the preparation needed for your dream meeting.

How to book one of our Cannes Escorts?

The only way of currently booking one of our wonderful ladies is to call in using the WhatsApp numbers on the page, it is extremely simple and our reception staff is ready to aid you in making your booking with your chosen companion. You can’t find a much better deal anywhere.

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